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Business Opportunity, B2B, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and other Internet Marketing services

business opportunity

business opportunity Studio6.ca consultants have over 15 years experience in the computer software field and related business. Our team of professionals are not only experts in computers, but compliment each other with collective knowledge in the areas of marketing, internet marketing, publishing, customer service, consulting and manufacturing. We are always in the market for a new business opportunity and challenge.

We do our best to service our customers with end-to-end technology, from the basic small business web idea to the complete e-commerce / shopping cart design and the set up of an on-line domain. Bring your business opportunity to us first and see what b2b is all about.

small business

business opportunityWith the knowledge we have accumulated through our education and varied business experiences, our team is able to help all sized companies. From the small business home-based (sole ownership) to the multinational corporations, we are able to share our expertise at affordable rates. No job is too big or too small for the team at Studio 6. Small business models need special personal attention, let our consultant see what your b2b needs are, and discuss a some appropriate small business web planning with you one-on-one.

shopping cart

business opportunityFrom prototyping, integrating Internet/Intranet applications,
, shopping cart sales to the conversion of a brick-and-mortar business, Studio 6 is prepared to provide the best cost-effective end-to-end solutions in today's market. Every contract our team accepts goes through a six-step process. (Please take a moment and visit the other pages on this site for further explanation and samples of our variety of services.)

internet marketing

With our wide range of expertise, we are able to help the small or large business with software processing, Architecture Consulting, Project Development, Mentoring, training, education, e-commerce, shopping cart set ups and complete web design plus internet marketing support. Internet marketing in the wave of the future, and the future is here. Once your site is up-to-date, internet marketing, properly implemented can save you money in your over marketing costs. This marketing blue print goes for both small business and large business.


Different Service Levels For Different Business Needs
Studio 6 can fill the gap between your e-business needs and the cost of technology solutions in today's market. We have developed six customized solutions to ensure your business or b2b success!

Web Design

When it comes to creative production services, Studio 6 offers expertise in Graphic design and Web Design. Our team consists of exceptional designers, artists, and illustrators combining their talents to offer innovative design plus graphics in traditional and digital media.

In many cases, all it takes is more interesting web-page dynamics, to bring in more clients and that equals proper Web Design. Upgrading or re-designing your site with a fresh look, will pay for itself quickly. To find out more click on our Web design page.

Search Engine

While keeping continuous contact with our clients throughout the search engine optimization process, we are able to analyze and strategically determine exactly which tactics will yield the best results for different types of business. We customize and tailor programs to meet the needs of the many different Web sites, audiences, and internet marketing ideas. Search Engine optimization is the best way to get traffic redirected to your site. During the optimization process, we submit your site to all search engines, and with keywords in place, you will see a substantial increase in traffic to your business.


business opportunityFor those who argue that XML is too verbose for wireless internet and wireless applications, check out our site to see what standards and technologies we can expect down the road...

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