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business opportunityQuestions you need to ask: How can you be sure that your software architecture will take you where you need to go in the future? Will your architecture meet the needs of e-commerce? Will it be of scale for Internet deployment and internet marketing?
Studio6 can help you chose the appropriate software for your business applications.


Enterprise Architecture Consulting
How do you develop an architecture that will support your organization's portfolio of projects and also support strategic reuse management within your organization? Have you investigated what you need to do to be successful at Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)? Studio6.ca architecture and process consultants can help you to get your architecture started properly and define an infrastructure from which your projects can be successful. Studio6 using EAC can help you to define and build your team and mentor them through the initial stages of an architecture for your organization. EAC can help you to define effective processes, to ensure that your architecture team supports your company projects effectively.


Project-Level Architecture Consulting
How do you develop architecture for a single application? One that has potential to fit into your organization's overall enterprise architecture or, perhaps just one, that can stand alone? The professionals at Studio6.ca using PAC procedure can help you through your project's initial architectural modeling. PAC can help your technical prototyping efforts (to prove that your architecture works), and can mentor your staff in architectural modeling skills. Defining the right architecture is very hard to do, with PAC we can help.


Architecture Reviews
How can you be sure that your architecture will take you where you need to go in the future? Will your architecture meet the needs of e-commerce? Will it be up to scale for Internet deployment? Studio6.ca architects can perform a comprehensive review (AR) of your architecture providing an assessment and specific recommendations for both enterprise and project-level architecture efforts. Studio6.ca can perform a fit analysis of vendor offerings Is SAP, Enterprise Java Beans, or DCOM really the right approach for your organization ? By starting with a comprehensive evaluation, AR will ensure that you're purchasing the products and services that are right for the needs of your business.


Architecture Team/Process Assessment
Does your architecture team measure up? Are they effective in the application of your company’s software?
Do your people know the right processes and the application of the right techniques?
How can you be sure that your architecture team is effective? Are they creating the right artifacts at the right time, in the right manner? APA ! Studio6.ca architecture and process experts can help you to assess your architecture team using the APA procedure. The APA will ensure that your staff l proves effective for your organization.

software process

There are many software processes available in the market today. We can evaluate your needs and suggest various software packages that could enhance and benefit your small business or large business.


Software Process Mentoring
You can have the best software process money can buy, but if your staff doesn’t understand how to apply it effectively, it won't do your business much good. Studio6.ca Process Mentors can help to educate, mentor and support your staff in your company’s software process. SPM will have your computer system working more efficiently and thereby increase productivity with in your staff. It is surprising just how many businesses have staff that does not understand the full value of the software contained in their own companies computers. That is why SPM can be so important to investigate.

software process


Can your process be improved? What should you focus on first? When approached by a company marketing (or internet marketing) a software process for your company, will that process meet your real-world needs? SPA! Studio6.ca Process Mentors can assess your current software process and provide specific advice to help your process improvement efforts. By getting an SPA before you purchase, it could save your business more then just money.


Software Process Improvement Planning
Software process improvement (SPI) is a difficult endeavor, one which calls for careful planning and management. Studio6.ca Process Mentors can help you to formulate and carry out an SPI plan that meets today’s internet and business needs.


Software Process Development
Although there are many software processes available on the market - The OPEN Process, The Unified Process, Process Patterns, Extreme Programming (XP), Catalysis, just to name a few. None of the above-mentioned is likely to meet your specific needs. SPD ! Studio6.ca Process Mentors are experienced at tailoring existing processes, and when necessary, we are here to develop new processes that will meet your organization's exact needs. SPD will help you to develop processes, procedures, standards, and guidelines that work for you.

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Subcontractor Process Analysis/Development
It is common to outsource some or all of your development efforts, but who checks the subcontractor’s work. How do you know if he/she is doing the work correctly in order to meet your company’s needs? Even though you outsource development, you will still need to manage the work that is being performed for you. Furthermore, it is reasonable to expect that your subcontractors should adopt and follow appropriate processes to work effectively with your organization. SPAD ! Studio6.ca Process Mentors can help you to put processes into place using SPAD. SPAD will improve the effectiveness of the management of your subcontractor’s efforts.